søunds fløating arøund: apr13

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. apr13.
click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

metal gear solid 1 – stealth soldiers in the elevator
guy jtwenty 11
four tetfor these times
xxyyxxlove isn’t made (feat. steffaloo)
empress ofhat trick
devendra banhartyour fine petting duck
mitzilike it was
craft spellsburst
the strokestap out
jonny piercei didn’t realise
vampire weekenddiane young
hot chiplook at where we are (major lazer vs junior blender remix)
major lazerjessica (feat. ezra koenig)
vampire weekendstep
woodkidconquest of spaces
sigur rósbrennisteinn
the knifewithout you my life would be boring
mount kimbiemade to stray
kruisersong for lovers
adeyhawkeadeyhawke theme
scattleknock knock
nightcrawlerroad blaster (protector 101 remix)
metal gear solid 1 – game over

cover inspired by jonny pierce‘s i didn’t realise artwork, mount kimbie‘s made to stray artwork and andrew w.‘s photos.