søunds fløating arøund: feb14.2

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. feb14.2.
click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

bot’oxblue steel
maya jane colessomething in the air (bonobo remix)
jimpsterporchlight & rocking chairs
nicolas jaarand i say (xinobi remix)
yachtplastic soul
moderatlast time
real estatetalking backwards
templessand dance
mr. scruffbunch of keys
andrew ashonglove the way
josé gonzálezkilling for love (todd terje remix)
henri texierles lebas (bonobo remix)
sooshtoo soon (mieux remix)
youth lagoonworms
radioheadclimbing up the walls (fila brazillia remix)
gachanew grass
valentin stipregards sur l’enfance (i et ii)

cover inspired by youth lagoon‘s worms artwork and actress‘s ghettoville artwork.