søunds fløating arøund: jan15

søunds fløating arøund - jan 15

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. jan15.
click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

eva bowanslow maya
thom yorkeyouwouldn’tlikemewheni’mangry
sau polernon plus ultra
session victimmake people dance
floating pointsnectarines
daughterwinter (warpaint remix)
warpaintfeeling alright (daughter remix)
yumi zoumariquelme (essáy remix)
thievery corporationa guide for i and i
marie theresespace for love
other livesgreat sky
petite noirchess
skalpelsound garden
faltydlahead the ship sleeps
henry mancinilujon

cover inspired by sau poler‘s paradoxes of progress artwork and floating points‘s nuits sonores/nectarines artwork.