søunds fløating arøund: mar15.2

søunds fløating arøund - mar 15.2

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. mar15.2.
click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

nitin sawhneyraag
dauwdjupiter george
kuniyuki takahashiprecious hall
errorscolossal estates
m.a beat!inner circle
kodak to graphdesolation wilderness
emanative & ahmed abdullahlions of judah (fout tet edit)
jazz spastiksjazzspormers
little beavergroove on (dj vas & soulist re-edit)
saint etiennespring
francis the greatlook up in the sky (negro nature)
josé gonzálezlet it carry you
sufjan stevensshould have known better
sad citysloe

cover inspired by josé gonzález‘s vestiges & claws artwork and national geographic‘s daytona beach, florida, 1957 photography.