søunds fløating arøund: nov17.3 (live on lfr)

søunds fløating arøund - nov 17.3

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. nov17.3.
live recorded @ wilton way cafe for london fields radio
10th nov 2017
2pm – 3.30pm
63 wilton way, london, e8 1bg

keisuke dropped by the cafe & played a vinyl only set. a bit more about the man himself: « my parents actually met in an orchestra, so maybe i was always going to end up following a musical path somehow or other. my japanese mother has two very different musical idols: the beatles, and mozart. my British father’s are more likely stéphane grappelli and sting. i fell in love with dance music after years of playing orchestral percussion, but for this show i brought the few records of mine that aren’t house and techno 12”s.
when i’m not busy greasing the gears at netil radio, i’m developing youth music programmes for my social enterprise project, loud futures, enjoying the wonderfully determined club-scene in london, and working on music production with my brother, michael iwatsu, at our studio in netil house. »

he will be playing alongside dj bugaboh & afromuza at the upcoming søunds spinning arøund party, which will take place on the 2nd of dec @ club makossa, dalston kingsland.

dance with us, the søunds spinning arøund night will be all about great & eclectic music.

click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

z lovecraftoceanic
bruxasselva cosmica
introducing keisuke
celia vazlance livre
al dobson jrnankoo on keys
martial solalwhat is this thing called love?
keith jarrettside i (the koln concert)
st germainalabama blues (the black science philly funk remix)
ametsubsky droppin’
rival consoleswhat sorrow
jon easleylemon lime
kerri chandlerladbroke grove
telli remember
chillyfor your love (todd terje re-edit)