søunds fløating arøund: sep14

søunds fløating arøund - sep 14

some søunds floating around and through my headphones this month. sep14.
click here to download the cover in hq.

track listing:

ibibio sound machinelet’s dance
gilberto gilmaracatú atômico
konkyour life what u want (dub version)
rainer trübywelcome to our world
the cloniousfogged spacesuit
chrome sparksthe meaning of love
joel hoodgbg belongs to you
nicolas jaartook me out of the dark rain
burial & four tetnova
caribouour love
karizmaneccessarry maddness
satin jacketsgelee royale
wevalhalf age
fran sevenat least
wevalrooftop paradise
radioheadferal (live from the basement)
alt-jevery other freckle

cover inspired by chrome sparks‘s goddess artwork and nasa‘s apollo 11 moon landing image AS11-40-5873.